Outsmarting Type 2 Diabetes

The online course on how to live with(out) prediabetes or T2D.

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You left your doctor's office or your pharmacy feeling overwhelmed and/or confused?

Not sure how to balance your blood sugar levels?

Confused about what to eat?

Want to improve your quality of life and reduce your pain and worries?

This course is for YOU!


In an ideal world, people who receive a diagnosis of prediabetes or Type 2 diabetes should first be given time. Time to process this heavy diagnosis AND time to understand what it truly means -what is happening inside their own body-. Then, people should be given the education and the support they need to make lifestyle habit changes in the areas of nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management.

Education & support are the pillars of good treatment plans as they empower us to take control of our health. Since these pillars of treatment are often missing in our current healthcare system, Kasana Health strives to help fill in the gap.

Type 2 diabetes is condition that affects the entire body so it requires a multifaceted treatment approach to lead patients to better outcome and better quality of life.

This course is...

  • for anyone who is worried about, or has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes;

  • given by healthcare professionals who truly care about your health;

  • developed to help you understand T2D so you can better prevent it, manage it, or defeat it;

  • given in plain English;

  • easily accessible;

  • done at your own pace.

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This course includes:
  • 2 hours on-demand video

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  • Downloadable recipes

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